Beautiful Pool Landscaping Ideas You’ll Love

Beautiful Pool Landscaping Ideas You’ll Love

Has summertime left you tired of pool and landscaping maintenance? At Coastal Luxury Outdoors we know how to transform your basic winter pool area into your outdoor entertainment dream space by using low-maintenance landscape plants, water, and fire features. You can create a gorgeous, easy-care area the family will enjoy all year round.

Designs That Are Beautiful and Eco-Friendly

Pool owners are increasingly interested in eco-friendly and sustainable pool landscaping. If you're looking for a low-water landscaping solution, choose plants that can flourish in rocky, potentially dry settings, like a rustic, Mediterranean-style courtyard. Reducing water consumption can be achieved by using energy-efficient pool equipment, eco-friendly pool chemicals, and drought resistant plants.

Designs For Natural Pools

In recent years, natural swimming pools (also referred to as "eco pools" or "bio pools") have become increasingly popular. Instead of traditional chemicals, these pools use plants and natural filtration systems. Their appearance is more rustic and organic.

Natural Stone and Wood Materials

In addition to comfortable seating, a functional outdoor kitchen, and entertainment spots, pool areas make great open-air living spaces that are not limited to swimming. For pool decks and surrounding areas, natural stone and wood materials remain timeless. Using these materials creates a luxurious and elegant appearance.

We Do Pool Lighting in Ponte Vedra & Jacksonville, FL

LED Lighting That Soothes The Senses

With the advances in LED lighting technology, pool lighting designs have become more creative and energy-efficient. Different moods and effects can be created using these lights.

Water Conservation

Many regions with water scarcity are opting for pool landscaping designs that minimize water consumption. Water-saving features include smaller pools and efficient filtration systems.

Stunning Outdoor Florida Living With A Poolside Fire Feature

The soothing sound of flowing water melts away the worries of the day. Adding fire and water elements to pool designs integrates the pool with your outdoor comfort zone creating a space you'll enjoy for years to come.

Even if you're not up for swimming, simply sitting poolside and soaking in the sounds of the water and fire features is a wonderful way to relax. Here are the most requested water and fire features in Florida pools today.Fire pits, fireplaces, and fire bowls can enhance pool areas. These features are often a family favorite because everyone can gather around a fire pit after a night swim and cozy up. Even after you stop swimming, you can spend time at the pool with family and friends.

Consider these poolside fire pit ideas:

Think about how big the fire pit area should be. For example, fire pit zones sometimes become hangout spots for adults while their children are in the pool. Be sure to include enough seating in your design!

A crucial consideration for a fire pit is smoke. Having the fire pit area far enough away from the pool will prevent smoke from blowing into the pool area. Along with that, you’ll want to think about the wind direction. There will obviously be some variation as many properties experience crosswinds. However, you can at least get a sense of the primary direction of the wind. You will want the fire feature placed in the most ideal possible location considering the wind if you are having seating built.

outdoor fireplace and kitchen

Adjacent Fireplace

The presence of an outdoor fireplace in the pool area can make a dramatic statement and serve as a one-of-a-kind showpiece. Florida properties look stunning with gorgeous stone fireplaces and outdoor kitchens. When you choose a traditional fireplace, you don't have to worry about smoke like a firepit. The chimney allows smoke to move up and out.

With an outdoor fireplace, you can also add creative elements such as tiers. Adding a fireplace to a pool pavilion provides guests with a covered place to hang out when not in the water. Adding a stone fireplace wall can also be a great way to add privacy to your space.

Poolside Fire Bowls

Poolside fire bowls are another unique fire feature idea. As well as adding ambiance and light, these fire features will enhance your space from a visual standpoint. As its name suggests, a fire bowl is a bowl that has a flame burning inside and is an elegant and appealing alternative to a tiki torch. This gorgeous feature is in high demand. Homeowners really enjoy the contrast of water and fire together, making it an attractive addition. Ultimately, the best poolside fire feature will depend on the space you have. Investing in a pool is a big decision, so you want to ensure that you are getting the most enjoyment and value from it. Creating welcoming, comfortable spaces is a great way to do this. A poolside fire feature can make a huge difference in how your space is used.

residential pool remodel

Create A Landscape That Is Unique To You

A growing number of homeowners are opting for pool designs that reflect their personal tastes and preferences. In the end, choosing a design company that can help you create the perfect landscape is key.

You should hire a pool designer who is experienced with more than just installing a cookie-cutter pool. Design and build your swimming pool with an experienced pool company. Coastal Luxury Outdoors  is one of the finest pool builders in the Jacksonville area. Our team will help you create your tropical dreamscape. Just give us a call at (904) 456-8344 to get started. We also offer free 3D design consultations. If you are interested in having your project financed, we can help with that too.

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