Residential Pool Remodels in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL

Residential pool remodel with updated features and design

Beautify Your Outdoor Environment

Does your pool's aesthetic need a refresh? Do you want a restored or updated appearance? The Coastal Luxury Outdoors team is here to help. We provide homeowners with stunning residential pool remodels in St. Augustine, FL and surrounding areas so that they can enjoy and thrive within their oasis for years.

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Trust us to perfectly restore and enhance your pool's surrounding aesthetic elements.


We restore cracked, chipped, and compromised pool tiles, eliminate discoloration, and replace irreparable tiles.


Your pool's accents and finishes will look and feel good as new after we complete remodeling.
Newly remodeled residential pool with fresh tiling and replastering

We Provide Endless Customizations

Whether your pool needs a minor makeover or significant overhaul, Coastal Luxury Outdoors is here for you and your family. Our team is trained and equipped for every pool style. We have years of experience with outdoor aesthetics and provide services that adapt to our customers' preferred pool sizes, shapes, colors, and beyond. Choose from countless premium materials to make your pool gleam, glisten, and glow to your desires. We'll provide an outstanding array of choices for you.

Where Vision and Possibility Meet

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