Selling Your Pool Route in Ponte Vedra & Jacksonville, FL

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Motivation for selling

We'll Purchase Your Pool Route Today

There are many reasons to sell your pool route. We want to make you feel confident that your customers will be looked after and your employees taken care of. You might be the right candidate for selling your pool route if you are concerned about or want the following for your life:
  • Retirement
  • Health
  • Looking for a steady income that provides healthcare and benefits
  • Transition planning and want to ensure your employees and customers are looked after
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What we look for

Is Your Location Perfect?

Your pool's location, features, and condition are imperative in deciding whether your pool route is viable for selling. Here's what we look for:
  • Residential routes with 15+ pools
  • Commercial routes with 10+ pools
  • Most employees are interested in staying with the business
  • Geographically located within the greater Jacksonville market or surrounding neighborhoods
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beautiful backyard pool in lanai
Why Partner With Us

We Live By Our Values

Coastal Luxury Outdoors's dedication client satisfaction is virtually unmatched. Here's why we ask that you consider us for your pool route sale:

  • We work together to ensure a smooth transition
  • We take care of your employees and customers
  • We offer healthcare and employee benefits
  • We move quickly and efficiently to close your transaction
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