Small Pool Ideas for Making the Most Out of Your Limited Space

Small Pool Ideas for Making the Most Out of Your Limited Space

Creative Small Pool Ideas in Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL

Exploring Small Pool Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Nearly every homeowner dreams of owning a lavish swimming pool and backyard oasis. However, not all properties offer the amount of space necessary to accommodate such a large addition. Fortunately, Coastal Luxury Outdoors has the solution, with small pool ideas to help you maximize your space.

Design Your Dream Pool Without Overpowering Your Space

Space optimization is imperative when it comes to small pool ideas. You want to create a serene, resort-like feel without overpowering your landscape. That’s where Coastal Luxury Outdoors comes in. From extensive pool landscaping ideas to small-scale features, we’re here to offer practical tips to get you on track to your dream pool.

Navigating Pool Shapes

The shape of your pool is instrumental when trying to maximize your yard layout. Consider a long, rectangular pool for a sleek, space-saving design to create the illusion of more space. Narrow pools with crisp angles provide the appearance of an elongated space, whereas oval designs can make the yard look smaller.

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Make the Most of Modular Furniture

Remember, every inch of your outdoor space matters. To maximize your pool deck area, lean into modular, multi-functional furniture. This may be an outdoor dining set that folds into a pool-side lounge chair or a pool storage unit that doubles as an ottoman.

Introduce Vertical Elements

If your landscape lacks horizontally, it's time to move upwards. Consider incorporating vertical elements to expand the look of your space. Create a lush, natural ambiance with trellis or tall plants that cascade over your home's outdoor walls. These additions are stunning and can also be used to bring privacy to your outdoor hang-out.

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Experiment With Lighting

Discover the transformative power of ambient lighting. From string lights to lanterns, spotlights, and beyond, lighting is an excellent way to create focal points and illuminate certain areas to brighten and widen your space. Furthermore, lighting can be used to accent specific features, such as fountains.

Consider a Plunge Pool

The epitome of space-saving backyard pool ideas is opting for a plunge pool, also referred to as a spool. A plunge pool is a small, deep pool that requires far less surface coverage than traditional pools. These additions offer relief from the hot sun, serving as a serene destination to relax, but can also double as entertainment hubs when hosting guests.

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How Do You Maintain a Plunge Pool?

No matter the type of pool you choose, maintenance is non-negotiable. However, due to the compact design of a plunge pool, maintenance is much less tedious. To combat green algae and cloudy waters, plunge pools require water testing, sanitizing, and routine cleanings.

How Much Space Is Required for a Plunge Pool?

To understand the space limitations of a plunge pool, let's first explore the size of these additions. On average, plunge pools are designed to be five feet deep. Although they can be designed to accommodate any shape and style aspiration, the average dimensions are approximately 12ft by 20ft.

Do Smaller Pools Still Add Value to Your Home?

A swimming pool is not only a beneficial lifestyle addition, but it can also contribute to the value of your home. Pools of all sizes boost your home’s aesthetic value and functionality. When they are well-maintained, they are an asset that potential buyers are often drawn to.

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What Are the Advantages of Smaller Pools?

The advantages of a smaller-sized pool or a plunge pool are plentiful. Leading benefits of smaller pools include:

  • Compact design for maximum space efficiency.
  • Reduced usage and maintenance costs.
  • Minimized maintenance demands.
  • Accelerated water heating times.
  • Customizable with endless design options.
  • Adaptable and suited to even very small yards.

What Are the Disadvantages of Smaller Pools?

The drawback of a smaller pool is attributed to the compact nature of the design. These pools do not allow the same recreational activities as a standard-sized pool. As they are shorter in length and shallower in depth, you cannot swim laps, dive, or engage in other water-based activities.

Is a Small Pool Right for My Space?

If you're considering a small pool or a plunge pool but can't envision it in your backyard, Coastal Luxury Outdoors has the solution. Look to us for custom-tailored 3D designs. With our ultra-realistic mock-ups and professional guidance, you can seamlessly design a pool that accommodates your requirements and preferences.

Begin Your Compact Pool Design By Contacting Us

A limited outdoor space does not mean that your ideas need to be limited. Look to Coastal Luxury Outdoors to bring your pool dreams and pool house ideas to life without compromising your backyard layout and budget. Contact us today to get started.

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