The Importance of Annual Filter Replacement

The Importance of Annual Filter Replacement

Like everything else in your home, pools need to be properly maintained. We want to ensure that our customers are able to enjoy their pool at all times. To make that happens, we need to make sure we are taking all the necessary steps to be proactive in the filtration and care of their pool water. That starts with proper testing and balancing of your pool’s chemical make up on a regular basis, and also regularly replacing your pool’s filter cartridge element. Here are some of the many ways your pool can benefit from having its filter cartridge annually replaced.

Filter cartridges have long been considered the finest method at keeping your pool clean and its water quality manageable. A pool’s filter cartridge can efficiently remove particles and bits of dirt and debris from your pool, but they can only operate at 100% capability if they aren’t clogged from overuse. While you can usually tell when it’s time to skim your pool or vacuum out the interior, a failing filtration system isn’t so obvious. No matter how much you clean your pool, your success will be limited if the filter cartridge isn’t working properly.

While properly cleaning and maintaining your pool will extend the life of your filter cartridge, eventually, it will have to be replaced. A clogged filter prevents water from moving swiftly through the filtration system. Not only does this impair the filter’s ability to clean the pool, but it can also actually affect your pool’s chemical makeup, rendering it potentially unsafe to swim in. In fact, our commercial pools in the State of Florida have laws regulating the speed with which water flows through the filter for this reason. Installing a new filter returns your filtration system to its optimal performance, so you know you’re providing a safe swimming environment for your friends and family.

Your weekly Coastal Luxury Outdoors technicians periodically check the status of your filter cartridges, and will notify you when it’s time for a replacement.

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