Which Shapes of Pools Make the Most Use of the Space In Your Backyard?

Which Shapes of Pools Make the Most Use of the Space In Your Backyard?

Customized Pool Shapes in Jacksonville & St. Augustine, FL

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Maximizing Your Space: Your Guide to Pool Shapes

Space optimization is key when designing your backyard oasis. Fortunately, there is a perfect pool shape and size to suit every need. Create a lavish focal point while maximizing your outdoor space by relying on Coastal Luxury Outdoors in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, FL, as your trusted guide.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing Pool Shapes

Before diving in, there are several important factors to note that influence the best choice for your pool. First, ask yourself whether your pool will be a functional, heavily used feature or more of a statement, decorative addition. This answer will guide you through the next steps in determining your pool shape.

Your Backyard Layout

The layout and dimensions of your backyard are pivotal when it comes to selecting pool shapes and designs. It's the most crucial aspect to consider. Larger yards allow for more expansive pools and simpler installation. Smaller areas require more consideration and are best suited for rectangular or squared pool shapes to preserve usable space.

Your Pool Budget

With intricate shapes and custom designs comes greater expenditure. Before getting your heart set on a unique pool shape, map out your budget. This will help you browse only the pools within your reach, eliminating hassle and discouragement when you discover that your chosen pool shape is double the price you're willing to spend.

Assessing Pool Users

It’s essential to consider who will be using the pool. If your pool is primarily for the children, oval shaped pools are an excellent choice, allowing parents to monitor their children easily. However, if your pool is for adult use or fitness activities, a more unique shape allows for more movement, eliminates redundancy, and brings sophistication to your space.

Rectangular Pools: A Timeless, Classic Choice

Rectangular pool shapes are a timeless, classic choice. Among the most common and long-standing pool designs, rectangular pools boast sleek lines, symmetry, and a sophisticated yet adaptable style that can be matched to any home's architectural flair. They also allow for space optimization and can be enhanced with unique features like jets, fountains, or lights.

Simplify Pool Supervision With Child-Friendly Design

If your pool investment is a way to make lasting memories with your children, put a modern twist on oval designs with a kidney-shaped pool. These pools have round edges that facilitate pool supervision without compromising beauty. Kidney-shaped pools are the perfect blend of child-friendly functionality and luxurious appeal.

Tap Into Free-Flowing Flair

Whether you have an irregular backyard layout or are searching for a more organic design, a freeform pool is an excellent option. These pools seamlessly blend with your distinct layout, making them appropriate for any size space. They boast maximum character and creativity, with gentle angles and a one-of-a-kind style specifically tailored to your property.

Different Pool Ideas to Consider

Get creative with a statement pool or stick to the classics; when it comes to pool shapes, the options are limitless. Other shapes you may consider include:

  • Angular pools for yards with limited space
  • Oval pools to satisfy multi-purpose needs
  • L-shaped pools for design flexibility
  • Figure eight pools for larger spaces
  • A moon shaped pool

The Key to Choosing the Perfect Pool Shapes

Navigating pool shapes can be daunting. Simplify this process with Coastal Luxury Outdoors. The key to the perfect pool shape lies in the guidance of our professionals. We take the time to ensure your vision aligns with practical considerations, providing time-honored insights and 3D designs to yield results that exceed your expectations.

Let’s Start Planning Your Dream Pool Renovation

Maximize the value and layout of your property and get started on your dream pool renovations with our trusted experts. Coastal Luxury Outdoors is here to help you uncover a pool shape that seamlessly integrates with your space without compromising your requirements and aspirations. Contact us today to get started.

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