Don’t Drain Your Pool!

Don’t Drain Your Pool!

Pool owners often encounter various maintenance challenges and one common solution that may come to mind is draining the pool. While it might seem like a straightforward fix, the truth is that draining a pool isn't always the right course of action and must be done with careful consideration. In most cases it should be avoided altogether. Here, we explore the reasons behind this advice and provide some alternatives to pool drainage.

Structural Damage

One of the most compelling reasons not to drain a pool is the potential for structural damage. This risk is particularly pronounced in older pools or those constructed with materials prone to damage. An empty pool can experience significant pressure from the surrounding ground and water table. Over time, this pressure can cause the pool to crack, pop out of the ground, or, in the worst-case scenario, lead to a complete collapse. The cost of repairing or rebuilding a damaged pool can be exorbitant, not to mention the safety hazards posed by such structural failures.

The Dreaded Pool Pop

In areas with a high-water table, an empty pool can unpredictably rise out of the ground due to changes in groundwater forces. This phenomenon, often referred to as "pool pop," can wreak havoc on both the pool itself and the surrounding area. Pool popping isn't just a financial concern; it's also a significant safety issue for anyone in proximity to the pool when it occurs.

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Pool Liner and Equipment Damage

Another critical factor to consider is the potential damage to pool components, especially if the pool has a vinyl liner. Draining can cause the liner to shrink, wrinkle, or become brittle, which results in costly repairs or the need for liner replacement. Additionally, when a pool is deprived of water for an extended period, it can cause damage to essential equipment, including the pump, filter, and heater. Repairing or replacing these components can be a substantial financial burden for pool owners.

Soil Erosion

When a pool is drained, the water released can erode the soil around the pool. This can potentially lead to structural issues and landscape damage. Erosion compromises the stability of the pool's surroundings and addressing it may involve further expenses and repairs.

Groundwater Contamination

Improper disposal of pool water is another concern. Draining pool water into storm drains or directly into the ground without care can lead to contamination of groundwater and nearby water bodies. Pool water often contains chemicals such as chlorine and harsh treatment chemicals, which can harm the environment and public water systems. Many municipalities have stringent regulations and restrictions on pool drainage to protect the environment. Violating these regulations can result in fines or penalties. Therefore, it is crucial to abide by local guidelines when dealing with pool drainage and water disposal.

So, what are the alternatives to completely draining a pool?

Partial Draining

Instead of draining a pool entirely, pool experts often recommend lowering the water level as needed for maintenance and repairs while ensuring that enough water remains in the pool to maintain its structural integrity. This approach can help prevent many of the issues associated with complete drainage.

Professional Guidance

If draining the pool is deemed necessary, it's best to consult with a professional pool service technician or contractor who can assess the situation and recommend appropriate steps to ensure the safety and integrity of the pool and its surroundings. They can provide expert advice on how to proceed safely and within the confines of local regulations.

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In conclusion, the article underscores the significance of careful consideration when contemplating pool drainage. Draining a pool can lead to various structural, financial, and environmental issues, which are best avoided whenever possible. Taking a cautious approach and seeking professional advice can help ensure the safety and longevity of your pool, as well as compliance with local regulations. So, before you decide to drain your pool, think twice and explore alternatives that can keep your pool in excellent condition while minimizing risks and costs.

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