How to Choose a Pool Design That Adds Sparkle to Your Space

How to Choose a Pool Design That Adds Sparkle to Your Space

Building your dream pool can be fun, but frustrating without proper planning. With today’s wide selection of pool shapes and styles, deciding can be difficult.

What is the best choice? Grecian style freeform pool with infinity edges? Perhaps a rectangular shape would be best? How do you find the right pool for your space?

Start by Selecting Your Building Materials

Concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass are all types of inground pools. When forming a shape and creating a style, each building material has its own pros and cons. It is important to make sure the design you envision for your pool can be well constructed from the material you intend to use.

Your imagination and your budget are the only limits to the shape and style of a concrete pool. Glass tiles, colored plaster, or stone aggregate can further enhance your concrete pool for any custom design.
ledge loungers in pool
As with concrete, vinyl is suitable for all types of swimming pools. Vinyl-lined pools have advanced in terms of materials and styles over the years; today, homeowners have a wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from for the pool's interior.

Fiberglass pools come in a massive combination of shapes, colors, and styles, including popular designs like infinity pools. Additionally, fiberglass pool companies can add ceramic tile, custom jets, mosaics, and other water features to your project.

Infinity Pools

After you've selected your material and builder, you can develop your concept. Here are some tips for choosing the right pool shape.

Among the most dramatic pool design effects are infinity pools (also called vanishing-edge pools or negative-edge pools). In this type of pool, the water flows over a weir wall into a hidden trough where it is recycled back into the pool. It looks like the water flows over an edge into a neighboring vista. This design's magic is most suitable for homes overlooking spectacular views like the ocean, a river, mountains, or even nearby cityscapes. Infinity pools can also fit into properties surrounded by lush natural areas such as wooded glens and palm tree groves.

Perimeter Overflow Pool

In perimeter overflow pools, optical illusions are used to mimic mirrors and flat deck surfaces. There is a 360-degree vanishing edge illusion created by the water overflowing all sides of a deck trough. Overhead or from a distance, the pool appears as a flat surface. The effect is only apparent when a movement ripples the surface. The design of concrete or gunite pools can incorporate infinity edges and perimeter overflows.

perimeter overflow spa

Classic Rectangle or Lap Pool

The most timeless design of all is the rectangular traditional shape, formal in its clean lines and sharp edges. It truly is timeless. If you plan on using your pool to swim laps, this style is likely the best choice.

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To learn more about the construction process of building a pool see the following construction guide here.

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