Ready to Build Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen?

Ready to Build Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen?

Designing an outdoor kitchen and patio is better when working with an expert. Here’s how to ensure your outdoor space exceeds your expectations.

There’s something special about cooking outside and sharing a grill out with family and friends. Open-air living is more popular than ever (especially in a post-COVID world), and has increased demand for outdoor kitchens, grill tops, refrigerators, custom cabinets, and even dishwashers. But building a timeless and gorgeous outdoor kitchen can quickly become complex, and often has better results with professional help.

Find your style.

Your home design should reflect your design style and meet all functionality requirements. Whether you prefer a traditional cabinet style like your indoor kitchen, or an outdoor kitchen that feels natural, with today’s options, there’s no limit to PIZAZZ you can include in your outdoor kitchen. A few features to consider include sink, refrigeration, pizza oven, and storage. Once you decide which features are priorities, your kitchen can be built to satisfy all expectations.

U Shaped Summer Kitchen

Kitchen design vs outdoor builds.

Outdoor kitchens can be built in two ways: (1) designed as part of an entirely redesigned outdoor space or; (2) added to an existing outdoor patio.

Creating a beautiful outdoor entertainment space.

There are almost no limits to the design possibilities for an outdoor kitchen when your backyard is a blank slate. The first step in creating your kitchen is to design and build an outdoor patio that matches the type and size of your kitchen.

From creating a welcoming patio design to planning where the water, electric, and gas lines should be placed, a design advisor and contractor can guide you through the process.

When you just need a kitchen.

Adding a kitchen to an existing patio gives you plenty of design options. Your existing patio’s size, along with the infrastructure you will need to run your kitchen’s water, electric, and gas lines, are the main structural considerations.

mini outdoor kitchen

You can make the most of your existing space by working with a design advisor and contractor to determine the best ways to add utility lines without disrupting your existing patio. When choosing your outdoor kitchen, you should decide whether it will be a stand-alone outdoor kitchen. The decision should be based on how you intend to use the space. The condition of existing space is also a design factor. Built-in kitchens are far more time consuming, but upon completion you’ll have a custom outdoor built-in kitchen that perfectly suits your expectations for years to come.

Which outdoor kitchen is right for you?

If you’re adding a kitchen to an existing patio and not looking to reconstruct the space, installing a standalone outdoor kitchen is the way to go. Freestanding kitchens sit directly on the patio floor. They are beautifully designed with features like cabinet doors and hardware that mimic custom indoor cabinetry.

Let’s build your dream outdoor kitchen together. Take a look out our gallery for some recently completed work. Designing and installing the beautiful outdoor kitchen of your dreams requires careful planning and guidance from a team of experts. We’re here to help. Get started today with Coastal Luxury Outdoors.

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