Should You Let Your Dog Swim in Your Pool?

Should You Let Your Dog Swim in Your Pool?

On a beautiful, warm day, one of the most enjoyable ways to cool off is to jump into your backyard swimming pool. But is it safe to let your dog join you? A well-maintained pool, either chlorinated or saltwater is generally safe for a dog to swim in with supervision. However, your dog should never drink from the pool.

Every pet owner should be aware of swimming pool dangers before allowing their dog or a guest’s dog in or near the pool. Keeping that in mind, here are the most common swimming pool pet dangers and how to prevent them.

Drowning dangers

It is possible for a dog to drown in a backyard swimming pool. Even dogs who are seasoned swimmers can drown because they instinctively go to the side of the pool but aren’t able to figure out how exit the pool. It’s a Florida law in most cases that outdoor pools must have a fenced enclosure. However, there are other things pet owners can do to prevent accidental drowning.

It is not true that all dogs instinctively know how to swim. Take the time to teach your dog and how to safely get out of the pool. If you invite friends to your pool and they bring their dog, it’s also critical to show the new dog how to exit the pool as well.

A good idea is to purchase a dog life jacket with a handle so you can easily grab and lift your dog out of the pool if necessary.

Consider investing in a motion-detecting pool alarm. A pool alarm is essential for families with small children as well as pets.

Installing an automatic pool cover makes it quick and easy to cover the pool if your dogs are outside and you need to step inside. It is important to teach your dog to stay away from the pool cover, particularly if the cover won’t support your pet’s weight. Leash-training, basic commands, and clicker training are positive training approaches.

Water poisoning

Water intoxication is when a dog swallows too much water and their blood concentration of sodium levels drop. While rare, it does happen, and if not treated immediately, it can be fatal. For saltwater pools, there is also an increased risk of salt poisoning if your pet drinks a lot of pool water. The most effective way to prevent your dog from drinking pool water is to leave a dog water bowl outside of the pool.

Watch your pet closely and take your dog out of the pool if it appears to be lapping up water or urinating frequently.

Bacteria in the pool

It is unavoidable that hair, dander, dirt, fecal matter, pollen will get into in your pool water. This could cause the people that are swimming in the pool sick. For example, dog feces could get into the water and if a human swallows the water, they could contract dangerous E. coli bacterial infections. Properly maintain your pool by adjusting your pool’s pH levels. Keep in mind that your dog’s bacteria may throw off this balance. Ensure your pool’s filtration system works properly and regularly clean the filter. To decrease dog hair in the filter, brush your dog before swimming and clean the pool after every use.

Skin irritation

A well-maintained pool’s chemicals should be diluted enough that it won’t be toxic for your dog to swim in, but the chemicals may cause redness, itching, or flaking to your dog’s skin. The cheapest way to prevent skin irritation is to hose down your dog after each swimming session. If your dog’s skin irritation worsens, consult your family veterinarian or a board-certified veterinary dermatologist.

Dangerous cleaning chemicals

If your dog gets into your concentrated pool cleaning chemicals, it can be extremely dangerous. Chlorine tablets, muriatic acid, brominating tablets, and similar products are poisonous. If swallowed, acid can cause ulcers in your pet’s mouth and throat. To prevent this potential hazard, pet owners should store all pool chemicals in a safe and secure location or hire a reliable service to maintain your pool without the need to store chemicals.

Whether you just recently became a pool owner, or have owned your swimming pool for years, we hope your family considers these dangers to keep your pets and family safe in the pool. If you have questions about maintaining a pet-friendly pool, consult Coastal Luxury Outdoors for helpful tips and quality pool maintenance services.

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