Benefits of a Saltwater Pool

Benefits of a Saltwater Pool

When considering sanitizing options for your swimming pool, you may have considered the difference between saltwater pools and traditional chlorine pools.

Both saltwater and traditional pools have their pros and cons, but saltwater pools are often less commonly known than traditional ones. The following are some reasons why saltwater pools are increasingly popular among pool owners.

Saltwater Pool Basics

How does a saltwater pool work? The name often suggests images of an ocean water filled pool. However, the name saltwater pool is due to the type of equipment used to maintain water cleanliness and sanitization. Rather than using chlorine to sanitize and chlorinate pool water, a simple form of table salt added directly to your pool is converted by a salt chlorine generator to chlorine.

Saltwater pools are less irritating to skin and clothing

Saltwater pools use a salt concentration much lower than ocean water. The ocean contains around 35,000 parts per million of salt, and between 3,000 and 4,000 parts per million in saltwater pools. As a result, compared to chlorine pools, saltwater pools are gentler. Red and irritated eyes after swimming in a chlorinated pool is common and saltwater is far less irritating to the eyes. Chlorine pools also put a lot of wear and tear on swimwear. Comparatively, saltwater pools are gentler on the hair, eyes, and clothing.

Softer water

A salt softener is typically used in the home for softening water and works similarly for pool water. Compared to chlorinated pool water, salt-chlorinated pool water feels silkier and isn’t as drying to the skin.

No bulky chlorine storage

Storing heavy buckets of chlorine and handling chemicals is a nuisance and can be a worry if you have young children or pets around, as chlorine can be dangerous. The generator in saltwater pools converts salt into chlorine, so there is no need for using chlorine unless the pool’s balance requires substantial correction.

No intense chlorine odor

The chlorine in saltwater pools is created naturally and doesn’t carry the harsh smell commonly found with chlorine.

Less costly upkeep

Compared to chlorine, salt is less expensive. Depending on the size of your pool, a salt system can save hundreds of dollars in chemical costs each year.

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