Green is for Grinches! No More Green Pools

Green is for Grinches! No More Green Pools

If you have never experienced what high chlorine can do to your blond hair and switched to a saltwater generator, you may not associate swimming pools with the color green. In any case, it's never good when your swimming pool turns that color. There is only one thing that it can mean- green algae, which is the most common algae, and grows ridiculously fast. This type of algae is also the easiest to kill, but it's best to act immediately if you want to stay clear.

Now That My Pool Is Green Am I Doomed To Drain It?

Whether you own a rectangular pool, circular, oval, lap pool or custom free-form pool, look down at your pool water while standing next to it. Is that something you want to swim in? If you don't feel like dealing with it right this moment, consider this: though algae in pools won't harm you directly, it will destroy your chemical balance. The sanitizer and chemicals in your pool will exhaust themselves fighting it, leaving nothing left to fight the other microscopic intruders. As a result, you and your family are surrounded by potentially harmful bacteria every time you swim. It looks bad, and it is dirty, but it can also make you sick. How can the green be removed?

Is All The Green Stuff Algae?

Though maintenance issues might lead to a green pool, it's green because it's infested with algae. Maintenance mishaps and weather allow algae to thrive. It can enter your pool if your chemicals are unbalanced, or your filter isn’t functioning correctly. However, it can also be introduced to your pool thanks to microscopic pieces on swimsuits.

If your water is cloudy and green, you have a serious infestation of slimy algae floating in your water. This alga attaches to your pool walls, steps, and floor. Check the corners of your pool including the hidden parts of your stairs. You might also see green spots around those covered areas. You’ll want to spend extra time on these trouble areas to ensure algae is removed.

closeup of pool steps with green water

Shocking, Shocking, And More Shocking

Other sources might tell you that algae needs chemical shock. And they’re right, it’s pool shock that’ll do most of the work to kill. But without these other steps, your shock won’t work as well. It certainly won’t be enough to solve your algae problem permanently.

You’ll also need to scrub and vacuum your pool. Then you’ll want to test the water balance. Once you’ve done these steps your pool shock is ready to do what it was made for; sanitize your pool. For green algae, you’ll need to shock the pool water at least twice as much as the average dose.

Always shock your pool after sunset, so the sun doesn’t reduce the pool shock’s ability to work when you need it the most. And don’t swim for at least eight hours afterwards and certainly not while your pool is still cloudy with shock. Swimming in the cloudy water is a great way to get a rash.

Get Back To Blue

When removing algae, thoroughness is key. Take it as slow as you need but do not skip a step. Don’t forget that you’re fighting an intrusive organism that grows fast and loves to hang around.

Hire A Talented Green Team

Algae is clingy. You’ll need to root it first before getting it out of the pool. Give your pool floors, walls, and steps a thorough cleansing.

Once you’ve scrubbed your pool and especially those blooming corners, remove large debris like leaves and twigs with a skimmer net on a telescopic pole. Then, vacuum out all the algae waste or, if you’ve invested in the long haul, turn on your cleaner. Just be sure to clean out any pool cleaner you use automatically. You don’t want algae to circulate back into the water, or you'll find yourself here again in no time.

A green pool means algae has consumed your sanitizer and other chemicals. Now is the time to get your levels right, so that the pool shock you’re about to use has the space to really do its job. Pay special attention to the pH level and alkalinity if you have a high pH or a low alkalinity, this next step won't work. And don’t worry you will test the water again when you are through.

Fantastic Filters

Immediately after pouring in your pool shock, you’ll need to run your pool filter and pump to ensure the killing chemicals are circulating. Check your water level as your water level could have dropped, affecting the skimmer. Not sure how long your filter should be working? With a good quality pool pump and filter, an eight-hour run time is suitable. If your filter has unchecked microscopic deposits of algae, it can easily circulate all those spores back into your pool water. This is a common error of pool owners, and the main reason why the pool shock they use never seems to work.

To keep that alga from coming back, it’s a good idea to clean your filter, meaning performing chemical rinse if you have a cartridge filter and a backwash if you have a sand or D.E. filter. Replacing the filter is always optimal.

Swimming Pool Filter Cleaning Services in Jacksonville, FL

Test For Toxins

When you need to top off your pool with water, you should rebalance your chemicals again. You should especially monitor your pH and alkalinity. If there’s one thing a green pool absolutely does is it will effect the pools chemical balance.

Algaecide Is An Ally

Algae is famously difficult to keep out of your pool. But there are regular steps to prevent future infestations. Shock each week. Clean and sanitize all pool and pet toys before introducing them into the water. Keep your swimsuit clean. Check your pool for cracks, breaks, or holes. You may need to resurface your pool or perform spot repairs.

Pool shock is the most effective at killing algae. But algaecide is also a great preventative measure. After you’ve cleaned and shocked the pool, and your chlorine level has fallen below 5 ppm, you can add a dose of algaecide, and give your pool an extra scrub. This will help detach any microscopic algae spores. Make sure your cover is tight to keep the rain out of your pool.

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