How Long Does It Take to Plan and Build a Pool in Jacksonville, Florida?

How Long Does It Take to Plan and Build a Pool in Jacksonville, Florida?

Jacksonville, Florida, with its sunny climate and warm temperatures, is a perfect place to build a luxuries pool. For many residents in the Sunshine State, adding a swimming pool to their home is a dream come true. However, the process of planning and building a pool is not as simple as it might seem. In this blog post, we will explore the various factors that influence the timeline for planning and constructing a pool in Jacksonville. Additionally, we will take a closer look at Coastal Luxury Outdoors, the leading pool builder in Jacksonville, Florida. By the end of this article, you will have a comprehensive understanding of the steps involved and the approximate duration it takes to turn your pool vision into a reality.

1. Pre-Planning Stage (3-6 Weeks)

Before any construction work begins, the pre-planning stage is crucial to ensure your pool project is well-thought-out and in compliance with local regulations. This stage generally takes between 1 to 2 months and involves several key steps:

1.1. Budgeting and Financing: The first step is determining your budget and securing financing, if necessary. This process can take a variable amount of time, depending on your financial situation and the complexity of your pool design. As you embark on this step, it's important to consider your investment and weigh it against the value a well-constructed pool can add to your property.

1.2. Research and Design: Spend time researching pool types, sizes, shapes, and features. You'll need to choose between options like concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl liner pools. Each of these choices carries different costs and benefits. Engage with a pool designer to create a custom design that meets your preferences and fits your outdoor space. This design phase typically takes a few weeks to a couple of months. During this stage, you'll have the opportunity to explore various design options, such as pool shapes, water features, lighting, and landscaping elements, allowing you to create the pool of your dreams.

3D pool design

1.3. Permits and Regulations: Jacksonville, like all cities, has its own set of regulations governing pool construction. This step involves obtaining the necessary permits and ensuring compliance with local zoning laws. Permit approval times can vary, but you should allocate a month or more for this process. Dealing with permits and regulations can be complex, and it's crucial to have a pool company experienced in navigating these processes.

1.4. Contractor Selection: Choose a reliable and experienced pool contractor in Jacksonville. This is a crucial step in ensuring the project runs smoothly and on schedule. The contractor selection process might take a few weeks as you gather quotes, check references, and interview potential contractors. Your choice of a pool company is one of the most critical decisions in the pool construction process, as it can greatly impact the quality and timeliness of your project. Coastal Luxury Outdoors is the highest rated pool company in the Florida Northeast.

1.5. Insurance and Warranty: Alongside the selection of a contractor, you should also discuss insurance and warranty details. It's essential to understand what type of coverage the contractor provides in case of unforeseen issues during or after construction. Coastal Luxury Outdoors, the leading pool contractor in Jacksonville, offers comprehensive insurance and warranties to ensure peace of mind for their clients. This is just one of the reasons why they stand out in the Jacksonville pool construction industry.

2. Design and Engineering Phase (4-8 Weeks)

Once you have completed the pre-planning stage, the design and engineering phase can begin. This phase focuses on creating detailed plans and engineering the pool for construction.

2.1. Detailed Plans: The pool design is refined, and all the details are worked out. This includes specifying materials, equipment, and layout. During this phase, the team at Coastal Luxury Outdoors collaborates closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your vision is incorporated into the design. This is a stage where you can make choices that align with your style and preferences. You may also decide on additional features like lighting, pool surface, water features, or a spa. This phase can take a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on the complexity of the design.

grass tile feature

2.2. Engineering and Site Assessment: Engineers will evaluate your property to ensure the design is structurally sound and that it adheres to local building codes. This process may take a month or so. Coastal Luxury Outdoors employs a team of experienced builders who work in tandem with their pool designers to ensure that your dream pool not only looks stunning but also adheres to safety and structural standards.

2.3. Final Approvals: After the design and engineering are complete, the plans are submitted for final approval and permitting. This process can take another month or more, depending on the local government's response time. Coastal Luxury Outdoors has established a strong rapport with local authorities, which can expedite this stage of the process, ensuring your project stays on track.


3. Construction Phase (10-14 Weeks)

The construction phase is where the physical work begins. The duration can vary based on factors like the complexity of your design and any unexpected challenges that may arise.

steel framework

3.1. Excavation: The first step is excavation, where the pool shape is dug out. This process typically takes about a week, but it can be longer for larger or more complex pools. Coastal Luxury Outdoors employs skilled excavation teams and uses state-of-the-art equipment to efficiently transform your backyard into the ideal space for your new pool.

3.2. Pool Shell Installation: Depending on your chosen pool type, this phase involves either installing a concrete shell or positioning a pre-formed fiberglass or vinyl liner pool. The duration varies but generally takes a few weeks. Coastal Luxury Outdoors is experienced in working with a variety of pool types, and our construction teams are adept at ensuring the installation phase proceeds smoothly and on schedule.

3.3. Plumbing and Electrical: Installing the plumbing and electrical components can take a couple weeks, especially if you're incorporating complex features like waterfalls, lighting, or a spa. The plumbing and electrical work should be done with precision to ensure the proper functioning and safety of your pool. This is also a stage where you might need to make decisions regarding automation systems, such as pool heaters, pumps, and lighting controls. Coastal Luxury Outdoors prides itself on its attention to detail and craftsmanship in all aspects of the pool construction process, including plumbing and electrical work. Our expertise ensures that your pool's functionality and aesthetics are of the highest quality.

pool decking install

3.4. Deck and Coping: The deck and coping are constructed around the pool. The materials and design you choose will influence the time required, but this step typically takes a few weeks to complete. The deck is not only a functional aspect of your pool area but also a significant aesthetic component. It's where you'll place your outdoor furniture, enjoy sunbathing, and socialize with family and friends. Coastal Luxury Outdoors offers a wide range of deck and coping options, allowing you to choose materials and designs that perfectly complement your pool and outdoor space.

3.5. Landscaping and Final Touches: Landscaping, filling the pool, and adding final touches like fencing or safety features can take another few weeks. The landscaping phase is where you can add the finishing touches that tie your pool area into the overall landscape design of your property. This may involve planting trees, shrubs, or flower beds, as well as adding hardscape elements like walkways or outdoor kitchens.

pool and putting green in backyard

4. Inspections and Finalization (4-6 Weeks)

Once the pool construction is complete, the project is not yet finished. The finalization phase includes inspections, filling the pool, and ensuring everything works correctly.

4.1. Inspections: The pool will need to pass various inspections to ensure it complies with safety and building codes. This process can take a few weeks, depending on inspection availability and any necessary adjustments. Coastal Luxury Outdoors has a proven track record of meeting all inspection requirements promptly, ensuring that your pool is not only a stunning addition to your property but also a safe one.

4.2. Filling and Balancing: Filling the pool with water can take a day or more, and then it needs time for water chemistry to be balanced properly. During this time, you'll need to regularly test and adjust the water chemistry to ensure it's safe and comfortable for swimming. Coastal Luxury Outdoors provides guidance and support during the water balancing process to ensure that your pool water is crystal clear and inviting.

completed pool project

5. Enjoyment and Maintenance

Once your pool is fully operational, it's time to enjoy it. Regular pool maintenance is essential to keep the water clean and safe. This includes tasks like skimming, vacuuming, and monitoring water chemistry. Regular maintenance ensures your pool remains in good condition and extends its lifespan. Coastal Luxury Outdoors provides ongoing maintenance services, including routine cleaning, equipment servicing, and water quality testing, allowing you to continue enjoying your pool without the hassle of day-to-day upkeep.

Coastal Luxury Outdoors: The Leading Pool Builder in Jacksonville, Florida

Coastal Luxury Outdoors is renowned as the leading pool builder in Jacksonville, Florida, and for good reason. With our years of experience, commitment to quality, and dedication to customer satisfaction, Coastal Luxury Outdoors has established itself as the premier choice for pool construction in the area. Our expertise encompasses a wide range of pool types and designs, allowing us to bring your vision to life, no matter the design complexity. We offer rectangular, free form, lap pools, and plenty more.

residential pool and spa

What sets Coastal Luxury Outdoors apart is our comprehensive approach to the pool building process. We guide you from the initial planning stages through design, construction, and ongoing maintenance. Our expert team ensures that your pool is not only a stunning addition to your property but also a safe and functional one. We handle all aspects of the project, including permits, engineering, inspections, and landscaping, streamlining the process and delivering your dream pool on time and within budget.

Coastal Luxury Outdoors is dedicated to excellence, and their commitment to quality is reflected in our attention to detail and craftsmanship. Our experienced pool builders and designers work together seamlessly to create pools that are both visually striking and structurally sound. Our landscaping and hardscaping expertise can transform your pool area into a beautifully landscaped oasis that enhances the overall aesthetic of your property.

Furthermore, Coastal Luxury Outdoors takes pride in our commitment to client satisfaction. We provide extensive support and training, ensuring that you have the knowledge and tools to maintain and enjoy your pool for years to come. We warranty and insurance options offer peace of mind, knowing that your investment is protected.

residential pool and spa


The timeline for planning and building a pool in Jacksonville varies depending on numerous factors, including the complexity of the design, permitting process, and any unexpected challenges during construction. On average, the entire process typically takes between 4 and 8 months from the initial idea to swimming in your brand-new pool. However, it's crucial to note that this is a general estimate, and your specific project may take longer or shorter based on your unique circumstances.

Coastal Luxury Outdoors, as the leading pool builder in Jacksonville, Florida, embodies excellence in all aspects of pool construction. Our expertise, commitment to quality, and comprehensive approach ensure that your pool project is a seamless and enjoyable experience. To ensure a successful and timely pool construction project, it's essential to work with a reputable pool contractor who has experience in the greater Jacksonville area (including St. Augustine, Nocatee, Amelia Island, Fleming Island, Orange Park, Palencia, Marsh Landing, Plantation Oaks, Tamaya, Queens Harbor, and more).

Your pool is more than just a physical structure; it's an extension of your home and lifestyle. Investing the time and effort into planning and building it with care will ensure that it becomes a source of joy and relaxation for years to come. Jacksonville's warm climate and sunny days make it the perfect location to enjoy your pool all year round, and with Coastal Luxury Outdoors as your trusted pool builder, you can rest assured that your pool will be a stunning and enduring addition to your property.

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