How to Hurricane-Proof Your Pool

How to Hurricane-Proof Your Pool

To prevent damage and ensure safe practices, hurricane-proofing a pool is essential in areas prone to hurricanes, like in the Florida Northeast. Here are a few best practices you may want to consider when maintaining your pool.

Secure The Pool Equipment

Pumps and filters should be anchored securely to prevent them from toppling over during a storm. You can use straps or anchors to secure them.

Trim The Surrounding Foliage

Any trees or branches that could fall into your pool during a storm should be trimmed or removed. Flying tree debris can cause significant damage.

Pool Enclosures

Make sure any screens or cages that enclose your pool are properly secured. This can help prevent structure collapse during strong winds. We’ve witnessed multiple incidents where an open door led to thousands of dollars’ worth of damage.

Add Wind-resistant Fencing

Consider installing a wind-resistant fence around your pool area to reduce wind pressure on the pool and surrounding structures.

Partially Drain The Pool

By reducing the pool's water level by a few inches, you can prevent overflows during heavy rainfall. Don't completely drain the pool, as an empty pool can be damaged by buoyant forces during flooding.

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Turn Off The Pool Equipment

To prevent electrical damage and hazards, turn off and disconnect all electrical equipment associated with your swimming pool before the storm hits.

Make Sure Loose Objects Are Stored Correctly

During high winds, loose objects such as pool toys, furniture, and equipment could become projectiles.

Secure The Pool Chemicals

Keep pool chemicals in a well-ventilated area away from the pool in a safe, dry place. To prevent contamination, make sure they are properly sealed.

Maintain Proper Drainage

Ensure that your pool deck has proper drainage systems to prevent flooding and erosion during heavy rainfall.

Protect Your Pool by Installing a Cover

You can protect your pool from debris and reduce damage risk during high winds with a sturdy pool cover. The cover you choose should be able to withstand strong winds and be properly secured.

Get Professional Advice

Consider consulting a pool professional with hurricane preparedness experience if you live in a hurricane-prone area. Based on the design and location of your pool, they can provide specific recommendations. With Jacksonville being a hurricane prone city, we have experts who can help guide you on best practices.

Insurance Coverage

Your homeowner's insurance policy should cover damage to your pool because of hurricanes and other natural disasters. Make sure you understand the extent of your policy's coverage.

Hurricane severity can vary greatly, so stay up to date on local weather alerts and evacuation orders. Take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of your property and loved ones when a hurricane is approaching.

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